How many samples/layers do I need for my own 2BOX sounds?

That depends on the type of sound. Electronic sounds, loops, percussion and many sounds that are not overly dynamic can live with a single layer. High-definition sounds of snares, on the other hand, may require 80 to 120 samples. The list below is our recommendation, but of course, sounds with fewer samples may work just fine. Just try what works for you. And that will be perfect.

These amounts are minimum requirements. It is recommended to have “a few” (3-5 samples) more samples. The more samples, the more convincing the dynamics and feel. But don’t record samples just for the sake of it: the final .dsnd file may end up being huge for no audible reason…


  • 80-125 samples, from soft to hard, on the snare heads (minimum)
  • 20-30 cross-sticks or rim shots>


  • 60 samples of the tom head
    10-15 rim shots from soft to hard


  • 20-30 samples


  • Edge
    •   closed: 50 samples
    •   25% open: 30 samples
    •   50% open: 30 samples
    •   75% open: 30 samples
    •   100% open: 30 samples
  • Bow
    • closed: 50 samples
    • 25% open: 30 samples
    • 50% open: 30 samples
    • 75% open: 30 samples
    • 100% open: 30 samples
  • Foot splash (not a chick)
    • 30 samples on open chip (push down fast and release foot)

Other Drums/Percussion and things with less sound dynamics

  • At least 30 samples for the variations. For sounds like Timbale use the snare category and for congas etc use 30 samples for each special sound.


  • 1 sample

Electronic Sounds

  • Depending on the instrument
  • If sound articulation varies for different velocity ranges your should take at least 20-30 samples
  • If sound articulation is equal one sample is sufficient

Can I use MP3 files to create 2BOX .dsnd sounds?

  • The Editor works with WAV files only. This is indeed the only way to guarantee a great sound experience for your own sounds

Do I have to normalize (0dB) my Wave files before I create 2BOX sounds with the editor software?

  •  If you are using just one sample, it is recommended to have a 0dB-WAV file. For multi-layered sound files, different velocity (dB) ranges are of prime importance. Setting all layer samples to 0dB would be perceived as odd. Only the loudest sample should hit the 0dB mark.

I cannot seem to find the DrumIt Five module as an external drive on my computer.

  • Please check:
    1. Did you connect a working USB cable to the module and the computer?
    2. Did you boot the module in USB mode? (Switch on the module while pressing and holding the left button above the display)


Still looking for an answer? Please send an e-mail with a detailed description of your problem to support@2box-drums.com