Playing your own sounds on stage has never been easier!

The 2BOX “Open Sound System” gives you the freedom and flexibility to play any kind of sound on your 2BOX electronic drums. No matter what sound you need on stage or in the studio—all you need to do is create it with our intuitive editor software and drag & drop it to your drum module! With a few mouse clicks, any WAV file can become one of your signature sounds. The 2BOX Editor runs on PC and Mac and allows you to adjust the module settings and sound assignments. Using this editor is easy as pie.

Check out the tutorial videos to get up and running in no time.


What’s the Open Sound System?

  • When booted in USB mode, the 2BOX drum module behaves like any other external drive.
  • Unrestricted access to all sound files and personal settings.
  • Create “ready-to-play” 2BOX sound files (.dsnd) from any WAV file (e.g. WAV libraries, VST instruments, recordings and more).
  • Drag & drop backup of all settings and individual sounds.
  • Expand and customize your 2BOX module’s sound files with simple mouse clicks.
  • Drag & drop updates of the module’s feature set.
  • Free new sounds and updates on our webpage (www.2box.se).